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The two buildings on the historic edge of Leipzig's Waldstrassen-quarter in the inner center north of Leipzig were built around 1900. Comprehensive refurbished at the end of the 1990s, they have been continuously maintained and kept up to date ever since.

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The building contractor Louis Weilepp applied on 9 September 1890 for permission to build a residential building on the plot between the former Wenzelspromenade (today Friedensstrasse) and Luisenstrasse in the Naumburg Buergergartenviertel. Freshly parcelled out of a larger property belonging to him, the new property was given the address Wilhelmspromenade 18. Then the man was quick on his feet:

formerly Ernst Schumann KG Tools and Machinery Factory

Ernst Schumann, then 29, took over his father's smithy in Sommerfeld in 1893. He was interested in blacksmithing and technology. Initially, the company produced accessories for wood lathes, but from around 1900 it specialised in the construction of drilling machines.

The ultra-modern residential complex, built according to KfW 55 standard, consists of 14 high-quality condominiums, an underground car park with 19 and 10 parking spaces above ground.

The ultra-modern residential complex consists of two buildings, Färbergasse 2 and Innerer Markt 13 in Neukirchen am Brand..

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On Chemnitzer Hainstraße, as a part of an old stocking factory, stands the listed building number 109.

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For the Hattar family from Swabia, the building was built around 1890 in Karl-Heine-Str. 61 in Leipzig-Plagwitz. The ground floor was rebuilt in 1910 in favor of two shops. 

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A local master craftsman was granted a building permit in 1996 for the construction of the building in 04435 Schkeuditz, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 15, consisting of three commercial units, three residential units, five parking spaces and a garage.

Hauptstr. 32, Naumburg-Almrich, Saxony-Anhalt

Built in 1840 the building is currently in the planning phase. There are especially plan versions for the futurely use in development. We assume mixed use, residential and commercial. Although marketing is not yet taking place, we are almost in contact with prospective tenants.

Facade detail, The Wallrath House

On behalf of the carpenter and master builder Moritz Julius Gustav Wallrath from Zwickau, permission was granted for the construction of the residential and commercial building Crimmitschauer Str., plot number 1102, on 9 September 1902. The street is still named like this, house number is the 28a.

Leipzig, Rossbachstr. 1

Very authentically, a tenant looking for a new tenant recently described the location, house and apartment on a student portal in this way:

We`ll organize it!