residing and living in the Wolfgang-Heinze-Str. in Connewitz

At the time of the early settlement, Connewitz was a pasture for the working animals, today it is the meeting point of the multi-layered Leipzig culture. The majority of the 14,000 inhabitants are provided by the students of the City of Books. Accordingly, this quarter presents itself openly with scene bars, art galleries, art cinemas and exquisite boutiques.

It is best to let this charming atmosphere take effect on a mild summer evening in the "Karli", as the pub mile of Karl-Liebknecht-Straße is popularly called. In addition to the city centre, it is Leipzig's most dynamic district that strikes the right balance between education, cultural life, economy and contemporary spirit. Ideally connected to the public transport system, you can reach the city centre within 15 minutes from this part of the town south of the city centre, where a considerable bicycle flow sets off towards the city every morning, too. The Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HfTL) and the University for Technology, Economics and Culture (HTWK) as well as the all-day elementary school "Freie Schule Connewitz" are also located in the district. The district is close to the largest European floodplain forest, as well as to the wildlife park and offers ideal opportunities for excursions with Lake Cospuden, Lake Markkleeberger See and the adjacent Belantis adventure park. In addition to the Bethanien hospital, there are several doctor's surgeries, pharmacies and supermarkets, which offer short distances for everyday shopping.

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