view across Reudnitz towards the city centre

Reudnitz is located in southeastern Leipzig, directly adjacent to the city centre of Leipzig.

Thonberg and Reudnitz were merged to form the district Reudnitz-Thonberg in 1992. For Leipziger, however, Reudnitz is still something different from Thonberg. While the district of Reudnitz is very close to the city centre, Thonberg stretches further south. The entire district is part of the Southeast district and borders Stötteritz and Probstheida in the south, the city centre in the west, Neustadt-Neuschönefeld in the north, and Anger-Crottendorf in the east. The neighbourhood is very well connected to the city's tram network. The tram and bus stops can be reached quickly by foot, so that other districts or the city centre and thus also the long-distance traffic (bus and train) are easily accessible. The central location makes it possible to reach all important recreational, cultural and service facilities quickly. Reudnitz-Thonberg offers a wide range of recreational opportunities in numerous parks where you can enjoy the cosy side of city life. From the middle of the 19th century onwards, a large number of publishing houses, printing houses and residential buildings were built here. This still characterizes Reudnitz today. 

The district is attracting many new residents due to its proximity to the University of Leipzig, the old trade fair grounds and the biocity. It is a very close to the city centre and can be reached within 10 minutes by public transport. The so-called old exhibition centre, where a lot of new businesses have settled in the meantime, is located in Reudnitz. There are two primary schools in Reudnitz, a secondary school, and in case of minor and major injuries there is the emergency centre, several doctors' surgeries and pharmacies, as well as a cinema, savings bank, supermarkets and other smaller shops.

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