Leipzig Thonberg, German National Library

Thonberg is located in southeastern Leipzig, perhaps two and a half kilometres from the centre of Leipzig and its attractions. Thonberg was merged with Reudnitz to form the district Reudnitz-Thonberg in 1992. For Leipziger, however, Reudnitz is still something different from Thonberg.

After German reunification, Thonberg changed especially due to the relocation of the trade fairs from the "old" trade fair grounds in Thonberg to the New Trade Fair Centre in Wiederitzsch. This meant that new uses had to be found for the old site. The new areas of use are science, biotechnology and health, a car mile with branches of major brands along Richard-Lehmann-Strasse as well as entertainment, sports and retail. Both old exhibition halls will be used and new buildings will be erected. The Bio City Leipzig has been under construction on the west side of Deutsches Platz opposite the German Library since 2003. It brings together biological research institutes and biotechnology companies. The parish of Thonberg managed to have its own church again in 2006. The new Church of the Redeemer, now located in Dauthestraße, was the first new church in Leipzig after 1989. The fourth extension of the German Library was completed in 2011 with the shape of a lying book. Thonberg is now being shaped by these changes; the development is not yet complete. And that is the difference to Reudnitz.

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