Huge amounts of energy are stored in the air, earth and water, which are constantly renewed by solar radiation and precipitation. It is possible to use this free energy with a heat pump heating system.

Whoever writes stays.

In the brokerage business, we maintain a relationship with our clients based on confidentiality and transparency. Usually we make individual agreements for the respective business. The following principles have developed over the years:

time is fleeing

The speculation period for real estate and equivalent rights is ten years.

reminder fee 5,00 EUR

The apartment rental agreements concluded by us for our property management customers stipulate that the monthly rent to be paid must be credited to the landlords account by the third working day of the current month. By far the most tenants pay their rent on time. If a rent is not received on time, we proceed as follows:

cottage, cabin lodge, chalet, booth, cot

A one-family house is a self-contained apartment in a building envelope, which usually serves as a residential house for a family and contains a residential unit for this purpose.

state of affairs

In the property offers, which are advertised either under Rental or Sale on this website, there is a status information among the key figures. What does it mean?

detail facade

Monuments are buildings or parts of buildings whose preservation is in the public interest.

from the KfW image archive

One often reads property descriptions such as these: The building will have the KfW Energy Standard 55 (or similar). But what does this actually mean?


The costs for the settlement of operating and heating bills can only be settled in the following year.

... in addition, the orderer principle applies now.

If you decide to rent an apartment from our portfolio, we currently offer it "commission-free" or "without brokerage" for the tenant.

one unit, one vote

We want to make this important judgment on an eternally old controversial issue, which we deal with every year, available here. The source is: BGH, judgement of 20.7.2012, V ZR 231/11


The usual rest periods are from 1 p. m. to 3 p. m. as well as from 8 p. m. or 10 p. m. to 7 am. Activities that cause noise must be avoided in these times. Anyone who starts the drilling machine at noon, hits the keys of his piano or celebrates loudly at night, has to expect trouble. Not only from the neighbor, but also from the landlord.

Berlin, Bode-Museeum, stairway

Staircases and entrance halls are common areas and can be used by all. Tenants are allowed to use them as long as they do not interfere with other residents. Tenants are even allowed to put up wooden figures and flower pots in the hallway, as long as they do not disturb other residents.

Checking the Account Balance

Once the tenancy agreement is terminated, we are obliged to repay the deposit. The tenant would of course be pleased if he/she gets the deposit immediately after handing over the apartment. However, it is usually not possible to do so quickly, because we have the right (and also the obligation when we act on behalf of the owner) to check whether all claims on the part of the landlord from the tenant are actually fulfilled.


... and stay tuned.


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