Huge amounts of energy are stored in the air, earth and water, which are constantly renewed by solar radiation and precipitation. It is possible to use this free energy with a heat pump heating system.

The environmental heat from air, soil or water is fed to the evaporator and thus transferred to the heat pump. Thanks to a low boiling point, a vaporous state is quickly achieved. The steam is compressed in the compressor and thus heated. And in the condenser, the hot steam finally gives off its heat to the water circuit of the heating system. The pressure is then released at the expansion valve and the entire circuit starts again. 

A miracle of efficiency

The heat pump converts environmental heat of lower temperature into heat of higher temperature. This conversion takes place in the compressor of the heat pump. It takes electric power to operate it. The efficiency of a heat pump is reflected in its performance-coefficient. The performance figures of heat pumps have improved continuously in recent years. They are calculated as a coefficient of heating power in kWh and electrical drive power in kWh. This value is all the more favourable as smaller the temperature difference between the supplied environmental heat and the flow of the room heating is.

If the heating in a building is generated exclusively by a heat pump, this is referred to as monovalent operation. The vast majority of installed heat pumps are monovalent. It makes sense to treat most of the process water with a heat pump. If the heat pump is supplemented by an additional heat generator, for example a wood combustion or solar energy, one speaks of a bivalent system.


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