reminder fee 5,00 EUR

The apartment rental agreements concluded by us for our property management customers stipulate that the monthly rent to be paid must be credited to the landlords account by the third working day of the current month. By far the most tenants pay their rent on time. If a rent is not received on time, we proceed as follows:

First of all, it is clear that the tenant is in default without further ado, if the rent is not paid by the third working day. A dunning notice or even several reminders are not relevant. In order not to shoot sparrows with cannons straight away, we proceed with a three-stage dunning system. The first reminder is a friendly reminder to care for the payment. If the tenant does not pay, a second and at the same time final reminder is issued, in which the consequences of the ongoing delay in payment are also shown. If no payment is still made, the item will be immediately handed over to the lawyer, who will then charge interest on arrears in addition to the costs. 

This system is semi-automatic due to the integration of bank accounts into the property management software. In the accounting department, the decision is made, based on the software's proposal, whether to start the dunning run or not.


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