The usual rest periods are from 1 p. m. to 3 p. m. as well as from 8 p. m. or 10 p. m. to 7 am. Activities that cause noise must be avoided in these times. Anyone who starts the drilling machine at noon, hits the keys of his piano or celebrates loudly at night, has to expect trouble. Not only from the neighbor, but also from the landlord.

Possible consequences for the causer: he or she receives a visit from the police, who intervene in order to switch off the disturbance at night. Or he may even be confronted with an injunction suit by neighbors if he regularly turns his apartment into a disco.

Also the landlord does not have to accept a continued unrest in his house without action. In extreme cases, he has the right to cancel the tenancy agreement without notice. But it doesn't have to happen. If you are planning a party and you suspect that it will be longer and louder, you should inform the neighbours beforehand. This also applies to renovation work, which, for example during relocation, can take weeks to complete and is sometimes unavoidable even during rest periods. Children are a special case when it comes to noise. If children live in the house, there is an extended tolerance limit for the neighbors. In the case of sounds that are typical of children, such as laughter, crying or screaming, disturbances at noon or after 10 p. m. are also acceptable. In principle, this means that noise-sensitive neighbours are neither able to enforce a quiet atmosphere in the house that they enjoy, nor can they expect it from the landlord.

Families with very lively children hardly have to worry about being put in front of the landlord's door when the offspring rushes through the apartment from morning to night. However, they do not have a free ticket.

If the little ones do not show socially adequate behaviour, they deliberately and continuously produce noise beyond the usual level, or if the parents neglect their duty to supervise and leave their children unrestrained noise and screams, the landlord can intervene and possibly also enforce termination.

It is essential to draw up a noise record in order to obtain evidence. The following data should be recorded:

  • place and time of occurrence of the noise,
  • mode of noise,
  • if witnesses are present, they should be noted with date, name and address.

Because the biggest problem with noise pollution is the proof of it.


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