Does it have to be with the chemical club?

If the exterminator comes regularly, the landlord can apportion the costs for this to the tenant, provided that a corresponding agreement has been recorded in the rental agreement.


Whether landlord or tenant, you have to deal with rent increases at regular intervals. The tenant can, the landlord should check rent increases. With rent indexes, the usual local comparative rent can be proven most reliably and in the best way.

The so-called "brake" is expected to be effective as of June 1, 2015. The core message of the law amendment is: In the case of newly concluded rental agreements, rent may not exceed ten percent of the local comparative rent in areas with a shortage of housing. The federal states determine the areas in which a tight housing market exists for up to five years.

Legionellae are almost never found

Under certain conditions, the German Drinking Water Ordinance obliges operators of drinking water systems to have their drinking water regularly tested for legionellae that cause disease..

Leipzig-Plagwitz, Villa Kunad, lift in the staircase

Lifts are among the safest means of transports.

tempus fugit

As a matter of principle, our owners always receive a power of attorney as an attachment to the invitation to an owner's meeting in addition to the general agenda, the statement of expenses and the business plan.

When renting a commercial space, the landlord does not have a maximum limit of three net rents for the amount of living space as in accordance with § 551 BGB (German Civil Code).

The amount of the deposit is generally freely negotiable, but must be limited to a maximum of 3 monthly rents in accordance with § 551 BGB.

The conversion affects all tenants who pay their rent monthly by bank transfer or direct debit.

It has become clear since the ruling of the Federal Supreme Court in September 2009 (VIII ZR 238/08)that the tenant has no right to claim a preliminary landlord's certificate (also known as a "certificate of freedom from rent debts") from his landlord.

Protection association for general credit security

Before concluding a tenancy agreement, we obtain further information from you in addition to the tenant self-disclosure.

If you choose to rent an apartment from us, it is necessary to collect personal information from you so that the landlord (who ultimately decides to rent out) can get a better idea of you.


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