Thank you for your interest in us and our offers. It is a pleasure for us to summarize for you the essential possibilities to get in touch with us, here.:

You can reach us by phone at

+49 341 30820270

Send faxes to +49 341 24252579.

You can contact us digitally via email. Leave a message on Facebook or at G+, however. You can also twitter something, no problem.


If you would like to visit us, we recommend that you make an appointment in advance so that we are prepared for your request. If there's a hurry or you're just around, just come around. We'll do what we can then.



... and stay tuned.


You can always reach SEPTIMA by email. We’re eager to hear from you, read all of your correspondence, and try to respond quickly.


If you’re feeling social, you can follow SEPTIMA on twitter and FB or Google Plus. We use social media to connect with customers and users, link to our latest articles and products and point you to news and resources from around the Web. 

A last piece of information

We are often on the road, but always reachable. Our offices are in Leipzig and Naumburg. Our mailing addresses are Pfaffendorfer Str. 18, 04105 Leipzig, and Friedensstr. 13, 06618 Naumburg, Germany. Emailing us is faster, though.

We`ll organize it!