The last five of 17 apartments are for sale now in Leipzig, Pfaffendorfer Str. 18.

The two buildings on the historic edge of Leipzig's Waldstrassen-quarter in the inner center north of Leipzig were built around 1900. Comprehensive refurbished at the end of the 1990s, they have been continuously maintained and kept up to date ever since.

According to the construction file, permission was granted to erect the buildings in 1898 during the Wilhelminian period. The plot has a paved inner courtyard with carport. The front building has a lift and houses the high raised ground floor as well as three full storeys and a converted attic storey on two levels. The garden house consists of three apartments.

After more than ten years of operation of the property as a classic apartment building (from 2008 to 2018), the two buildings were divided into 17 condominiums under our guidance in accordance with the provisions of the German Condominium Act. Within a short period of time, 12 apartments were sold by us in 2019 as planned. The remaining five apartments will be marketed from May 2020. This is - true - now.


unit building location No. of rooms area (sqm) status
WE 15 garden house ground floor 3 93,21 sold
WE 16 garden house upper floor left 1 35,49  sold 
WE 17 garden house upper floor right  2 48,32 sold
WE 01 main building ground floor left  1 41,03 sold 
WE 02 main building ground floor right  238,88  sold 
WE 03 main building 1st. floor  10  282,29  sold 
WE 04 main building 2nd. floor left  45,19  sold 
WE 05 main building 2nd. floor right  6 247,94  reserved 
WE 06 main building 3rd. floor left  41,58  sold 
WE 07 main building 3rd. floor center 125,30  sold 
WE 08 main building 3rd. floor right  117,53  sold 
WE 09 main building 4th. floor left  85,32  sold 
WE 10 main building 4th. floor center  117,53  sold 
WE 11 main building 4th. floor right  100,56  reserved 
WE 12 main building attic left  63,98  reserved 
WE 13 main building attic center  35,49  reserved 
WE 14 main building attic right  74,25  reserved 

Leipzig, Saxony: Innere Nordvorstadt (inner northern suburb)

Inner City North is a small area squished between the main train station and the much larger City-Northwest with Gohlis to the north. One of the tram stops, park and church on Nordplatz (tram line 12) marks the approximate centre of the residential area.

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