Septima takes over sales order for a apartment block in the center of Altenburg, Thuringia.

Septima will carry out the following tasks within the context of the sales order

  • preparation of the property for efficient marketing including layout drawings, building specifications, advertising texts, creation of photographs for online advertising.
  • creating a detailed exposé
  • preparation of all documents that a prospective buyer will need, including all documents for his bank
  • arrangement of inspection appointments, flexible for prospective buyers
  • conducting sales negotiations in coordination with the owner
  • dealing with the preparatory work for the notary's contract

Altenburg, Thuringia

Altenburg is world famous as the city of playing cards. If you play cards in Germany, you are probably holding a product from Altenburg in your hand. But Altenburg has much more to offer than playing cards. Altenburg is a city in the east of the Free State of Thuringia in the middle of the metropolitan region of Central Germany. Altenburg is the county seat of the district of Altenburger Land. It is 33 km to Gera, 37 km to Zwickau, 47 km to Leipzig and 54 km to Chemnitz. Altenburg is a cultural gem in Central Germany and an insider tip. In the more than 1000 years since its foundation, the city has never been destroyed and enchants with its impressive castle and lovingly restored old town. An unusually vibrant cultural life and the tranquillity of the former residence with its six market squares, the Skat fountain and countless monuments from different eras combine to create a unique flair. Playing cards have been produced in the birthplace of the Skat game for over 500 years, collected in the Playing Card Museum for 100 years and sold in Germany's most beautiful playing card shop.


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