Renovation of top floor apartment completed

In the course of new letting, the three-room apartment with balcony on the top floor was renovated.

steel and stones

In Chemnitz, staircases are rarely found in wood. Typically, the staircases are built solidly of iron and stone. They always make an unbreakable impression. In the Hainstr. 109, the staircase has now been expertly reworked white in white and looks like new after well over a hundred years.

building facade

In Chemnitz, Franz-Mehring-Str. 54, three apartments are currently undergoing a complete overhaul and their style is being adapted to modern requirements. In addition to new floors and new bathrooms, the apartments will also have new interior doors.

There's something to announce

We quote - a second time after 2014 - from the marketing-wise unsuspicious property market report of the City of Leipzig for 2019:

Conversion attic apartment completed

The work in the top floor apartment has been completed, except for a few small remaining works.

lounge for customers

The landlord of the commercial property Herzberger Str. 1 in Leipzig, part of the former Ernst Schumann KG in Engelsdorf, has adapted the multifunctional commercial unit to the needs of the specific business in close coordination with the lessee and has completed it on time.

Conversion attic apartment

In our detached town villa in the Naumburg Bürgergartenviertel there is now a second three-room apartment in the attic.

Conversion attic apartment

In a detached city villa in Naumburg's Bürgergartenviertel there is, among other units, a two-room apartment in the top floor. 

Crimmitschauer Str. 28a, Zwickau, Saxony

Septima has completely renovated and newly let two apartments with a total living space of over 200 sqm in Crimmitschauer Str. 28a, situated in the northern suburb of Zwickau.

Original door handle, freed from paint layers

Septima has completely renovated two apartments with a total living space of over 200 sqm at Crimmitschauer Str. 28a in Zwickau. The last refurbishment took place more than 20 years ago. After long-term tenants had moved out, it was time to bring the apartments up to date in preparation for new tenancies and to emphasise the historical charm of the Wilhelminian style apartments.

Royal castle Bobolice, Niegowa, Poland

Since 2016, every interested party, whether a private individual or a company, who comes from the European Union or Switzerland, can acquire Polish real estate under the same conditions as a local person. As usual, a purchase contract must be notarized by a notary.

stucco ceiling

We see many buildings from the inside, even those that were not reconstructed. It is rare to find a house built in the middle of the 17th century, which has not been renovated today and which has nevertheless brought such a stucco ceiling through times.

monument protection symbol

While the Cistercian monastery Pforta (since 1543 prince school), the nunnery Zscheiplitz and the Naumburg cathedral show the ecclesiastical power factors beside the princely ones in the Neuenburg, the Schönburg, the Rudelsburg and castle Saaleck as well as castle Goseck, the old town of Naumburg represents the bourgeois sphere; nowadays including listed objects worth preserving.

1997 I 2012

... but this is what many houses in Leipzig looked like in the 1990s. The house has now been reconstructed 20 years ago, we have been managing it for 10 years now.


... and stay tuned.


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