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If you are willing to hand over your financial fortune to a flat-rate wealth manager and allow access to bank accounts: You can then let yourself be suggested the real estate that you can afford on the smartphone. In addition to this, there is also the projection until retirement age - and all this in real time.

Robots are getting better at advising people about how to save money, a role that was once the exclusive domain of relatively well-paid professionals. Morgan Stanlay's CEO is the one who says that technological changes are what he worries about when he leaves his bed in the morning.

An North American wealth manager who wants to transform the traditional financial industry has now launched a service for saving for a home downpayment, which is part of its plan to automate everything for its clients. The company uses third-party data to project what a customer can likely afford and can show users the types of houses within reach in a particular neighborhood. Its algorithms will also show customers how buying a home will affect the rest of their financial goals, like retirement.

The company introduced the service after noticing that the main reason customers take money from their accounts is for a downpayment. The firm caters to millennials and has ambitions to be the go-to source of saving and investing services for that generation.


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