stairs, not refurbished, Emil-Fuchsstr., Leipzig, Saxony

Old buildings are quite special. The walls usually have a lot of history behind them, but the special architecture, room layout and applied building technology with the materials used also provide the special charm of historic buildings. Many of these pieces of jewellery no longer exist. The existing ones must be well preserved and protected from deterioration and destruction by the preservation of historical monuments.

contemporary decoration

Original outside doors from the Wilhelminian period have been preserved to a remarkable extent in Leipzig, although they are exposed to the weather and have been and are mostly used intensively.

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We quote from the marketing-wise unsuspicious property market report of the City of Leipzig for 2014:

Drawing draft

We market new apartments to be built in a freestanding city villa in Dresden. The building will meet KfW Energy Standard 55. But what does this actually mean?

Ferdinand-Lassalle-Str, Leipzig, Saxony

Wilhelmine Era (in German "Gründerzeit" is the time around the founding of the German Empire in 1871. During this time, an industrial revolution took place in Germany, a tremendous economic upturn. A short review of the history, how it came about:

diagram by federal states

The Federal Republic was, compared with the ECC, in the midfield with purchase costs five years ago.

At Lake Wannsee

Berlin is the first federal state in Germany to introduce the so-called rent brake on 1 July 2015 without hesitation.

Happy at home! Lock out worries!

You want to sell your property at the maximum price? Our first advice would be: Do not sell, keep it!

One in five adult American internet users already has a device at home that connects the physical environment to the internet.

§ 549 BGB - Part of the German Housing Tenancy Law. Jungle? Yes! Pitfalls? Also!

Regulations applicable to residential rental relationships

(1) For rental relationships over residential areas, §§ 535 to 548 apply insofar as §§ 549 to 577a do not provide otherwise.

Beijing - Old meets New

Owning a car in Beijing is a pricey enterprise. But the car itself might be the cheapest part of the investment.


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