SEPTIMA rents out with organisation and a systematic approach

It is always thrilling and exciting for the owner of an apartment when he has to rent it out. First of all, it is important to plan the time, because renting a property cannot be organized on the side. When will the previous tenant move out? Is it necessary to renovate or modernize? Nevertheless, the next tenant may not wait too long to avoid unnecessary vacancies. If you contact us in time, you can save time and money.

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Determine a fair rental price in line with the market

For most tenants, the rental price of an apartment is of primary interest. This should be realistic and reasonably calculated. If it's too low, the landlord makes a bad deal. If it's too high, the potential tenant is put off. In addition to the demand on the market, many owners' private impressions and feelings for an apartment play a significant role in calculating the rental price. However, these should not be included in an objective assessment of value. Among other things, the following must always be considered

  • which features an apartment offers
  • whether extensive modernisation work has been carried out and of course
  • the location.

The average rental price for the region can be an indication for the price calculation, but each property should be valued individually. SEPTIMA helps you to find realistic rental prices and saves you uncertainties and extensive own research.

Exposé and Marketing

Once the schedule is set and the prices have been fixed, the search for prospective tenants can begin. A small, exclusive apartment may be more suitable for a childless couple, while larger apartments are designed for families or student accommodation. The information collected regarding the apartment is the basis for creating an appealing exposé and implementing a successful advertising strategy. The exposé is intended to give a good overview of the apartment and to clarify most questions in the run-up to a visit. SEPTIMA uses high-quality technology to produce current and representative photos of the apartment (perhaps also a video) to convey a realistic impression of the apartment and present it in the best light. We have extensive experience in the creation of exposés and are able to make them more attractive with our Apple hardware and software. We can advertise your property in a stylish and informative way through various channels.

From the inspection to the signing of the contract

Enquiries from interested parties should be answered promptly and easily contactable. SEPTIMA knows there no closing time. We are a reliable contact for interested customers. This gives you freedom, because you don't have to reckon with constant phone calls at work or on holiday and can hand over this time-consuming task to us. We carry out inspections flexibly. SEPTIMA takes care of the preliminary check as to which prospective tenant is best suited for the apartment and its creditworthiness. We will introduce suitable candidates only to you then. After you have decided on a prospective tenant, we prepare the draft rental agreement and organize the signing of the agreement. Last but not least, we hand over the apartment to the new tenant with a clear and detailed protocol.

Our partnership

In the brokerage business, we maintain a relationship with our clients based on confidentiality and transparency. Usually we make individual agreements for the respective business.


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