Sell a house and gain the best price

The main priority in the successful sale of a house is an appropriate purchase price. Together with the location and features of a property, it is crucial for a successful sale. Septima reliably supports owners in planning and executing house sales to achieve the best price for the property. Each house has its own style and requires an individual strategy for a successful sale.

Selling a house with experienced support

Selling a house is a far-reaching decision for the owner, which requires a high degree of organization. Professional marketing, including up-to-date, truthful and appropriate presentation by Septima, provides reliable support in the sale of a house. With expert knowledge and experience, we propose a reasonable selling price. This is especially important for property owners, because under no circumstances should an object be sold below its actual value. The selling price must be reasonable, as the potential buyer's bank verifies the value of the property in order to determine whether it actually owns the stated value. We provide clarity in advance.

Based on the agreements with the real-estate vendor and the summarized information about the house, Septima draws up and implements an individual marketing strategy. A meaningful exposé with representative photos of the object is created. 

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A house well organized selling with flexibility and security

For the sale of a house, various documents are required which the owner owns or which have to be obtained from the building regulations, cadastral or land registry office, such as an excerpt from the land register, as well as the building file, in which all formal documents relating to the building of the house are compiled. In addition, the statutory energy performance certificate is also of interest. Septima can handle the complex procurement of these documents. These documents are particularly important for discussions with interested parties.

In order to sell a house successfully, the contacts for potential buyers should be as easily accessible as possible - this is difficult for private individuals in their lives to implement. We offer serious and reliable support for interested parties and property owners. They can pursue their professional life, go on holiday and enjoy their leisure time. We take care of the time-consuming inspections. We can respond to enquiries from interested parties and answer them thoroughly. We can take over the negotiations, contract matters and the handover of the property, once a suitable prospective buyer has been found for a property. For the owners, this means the greatest possible flexibility when selling a house and the certainty that the property will be sold at the best price.

Our partnership

In the brokerage business, we maintain a relationship with our clients based on confidentiality and transparency. Usually we make individual agreements for the respective business.


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