Organized and transparent.

SEPTIMA can offer you an all-round service, whether for smaller buildings or larger portfolios. Together with the owner or other decision makers, we manage according to the agreed objectives.

Reliable reporting in particular is important to us - transparent and ready for the day. After analysis and appropriate individual agreements we develop the property, also in specific economic and legal situations.

  • management of rent accounts, administration of deposits according to legal regulations
  • debt collection, as far as legally permissible, but at least until the legal dunning procedure
  • reporting
  • owner's statement, operating expenses statement
  • preparation of value added tax calculations
  • preparation of management plans, maintenance planning
  • technical support and maintenance
  • maintenance of the technical condition of a building, including the monitoring of warranty claims
  • optimization of management costs (the savings potential is usually considerable!)
  • representation of owners in legal matters
  • selection of tenants and conclusion of contracts, contract management
  • handover and take-over of rental units
  • letting

SEPTIMA takes over the management of communities of condominium owners, but also the management of individual condominium units in accordance with the provisions of the German Condominium Act (WEG). SEPTIMA focuses on transparent commercial and effective technical support for both community and condominium property.

  • commercial support
  • collecting and settling house fees in order to ensure the permanent management of community property
  • single settlements and business plans
  • transparent information on receivables and liabilities and the development of maintenance reserves
  • technical support
  • planning, execution and monitoring of maintenance and repair operations


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A last piece of information

We are often on the road, but always reachable. Our offices are in Leipzig and Naumburg. Our mailing addresses are Pfaffendorfer Str. 18, 04105 Leipzig, and Friedensstr. 13, 06618 Naumburg, Germany. Emailing us is faster, though.

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