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We check your property before purchase. Making shure that nothing is lost. We advice you.

We check your property before purchase.

While property is a safe investment for your money, we know from experience, that the devil is in the detail, as far as the review of quality, possible returns and risks of a property are concerned. Anyone investing money in bricks and mortar has to know these exactly. Investors, who rely on us can be sure that we conduct our checking with utmost care and expertise. The due diligence examination wich we cnduct before purchase comprises comprehensive checking of the legal, economic and technical aspects and the present and future interaction between them. We search for pitfalls in leases, check land register entries, estimate the need for restoration and repair and assess all other parameters relating to the property. Finally, we submit a full report to you, including cash flow simulations, to give you a detailed summary of what returns you can expect in future, and on what timescale.

Making shure that nothing is lost.

Our conveyancing service ensures that your property purchase proceeds smoothly. We guide you through the whole process of the contract of sale, from drafting to transfer of title. We handle all stages of the work on your behalf, from preparation of the annexes to the deed of sale and handling of registry entries. After you have taken possession, we ensure that all necessary action has actually been taken. That is not all. We may keep an eye on contracts nearing expiry, for example, and insurance policies, some of which are tied to the owner and come to an end with the change of ownership. Others, by contrast, remain in force. We compile 'to do' lists for all legal, economic and technical questions. This enables the asset managers, property managers and facility manager to administer your property seamlessly, and in line with the latest knowledge, after transfer of title.

We advice you.

We do real estate since more then 25 years. Since then, we have handled countless property sales, purchases, lets, service contracts and many other matters relating to property. We are glad to give you the benefit of the knowledge we have accumulated over these times. It may serve, for example, to devise the perfect strategy for your property affairs, and support you in implementing it in the long term. We are also pleased to take over the financial control and/or audit of existing management arrangements. We also support you with process optimization. With you, we clarify the key issues: How willing are you to accept risk? What are your expected returns? How long do you wish to tie up your money? Does your property investment pursue goals other than return on your investment?


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