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Sales of properties

Selling your own property often presents owners with enormous challenges. We accompany you through all phases of the property sale therefore and lead the sale of your property to success - thanks to market knowledge, profound training, years of experience and last but not least because we carry out the sales project in close coordination with you as if it were our own.

You would like to sell your property, and at the maximum purchase price? 

The value

Assessing the value of your property lays the foundation for successful marketing. SEPTIMA will work with you to determine the potential of your property. The only true purchase price is the one the buyer is willing to pay.

Our efforts are focused on sounding out the price on the market in order to then present you with the right buyer.

The promise

It is not only the promise of the highest possible purchase price that matters, but also the justification for achieving it. After receiving all property-relevant information, agreeing on the purchase price and exchanging ideas on the ideal marketing procedure, the division of tasks between SEPTIMA and the seller is agreed and recorded in writing.

We have been involved in real estate for more than two decades.

Since then we have managed countless property purchases, sales, tenancies, service contracts and many other property-related services. We are happy to pass on the knowledge we have gained over these decades to you. SEPTIMA shares the experience we have gained and the market and marketing knowledge we have acquired with you. But not in a rush, and certainly not only online.

You should not sell a property. And if you do, you should do it right. Let's talk about it sometime.