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SEPTIMA buys and sells residential and commercial buildings, apartment buildings and condominiums in various cities. In addition, we manage and advise our clients on their projects. We work as a classic broker in sales and rentals.

As long as we are not invested ourselves, we are exclusively oriented towards the needs of our clients and seek lasting business relationships, because this suits real estate or participations in it best.

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity".

True to Seneca's saying, we understand preparation as constant research. From the constant observation of the market, opportunities then arise almost inevitably. In this way, you can give luck a little push so that it materialises. We can do the same for you, if you wish.


[res immobile] - the immobile thing moves us a lot. If only because of our profession. Or as a vocation.

Each member of our team has his or her own preferences; honest brokering, for example, is just as well represented as a pronounced penchant for day-to-day accounting that leaves not a cent unpaid. The combination of the economic basis in stone with history and architectural details, the future challenges associated with the ever-increasing energy prices, the necessary technical maintenance, the constant paper presence of various offices and, first and foremost, the landlords and tenants, sellers and buyers ensure constant tasks en gros and en detail, which make the daily work routine kept going by people of the most diverse character appear more colourful than grey.

Whoever you are, in this own world of real estate,

prospective tenant, tenant, prospective buyer,
prospective renter, landlord, seller,
craftsman, service provider, broker, builder, subcontractor, architect, engineer, energy consultant,
competitor, neighbour,
tax advisor, banker, insurance specialist:

[Im]mobilise with us. For all the seriousness of the matter, it is also fun!