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Residential properties

A dwelling can be defined as a grouping of a majority of rooms which, taken as a whole, must be of such a nature as to enable the running of an independent household. This includes detached and semi-detached houses, rented residential properties (i.e. apartment buildings) and condominiums (freehold flats). 

In the real estate economy, residential property has a special significance. As a vital commodity, residential property satisfies the basic need for living by providing space to live in. Residential real estate is not only considered as an economic good therefore, but additionally to a special degree under social aspects, in Germany for example more than in Great Britain, if one compares the legal regulations and contractual restrictions. With its high housing stock, the German housing market is the largest in the European Union.

Property management of residential properties

SEPTIMA´s goal as your property manager, whether of an apartment building or a homeowners' association:

Reduce running costs without quality losses, increase yields sustainably.

We manage the real estate property of selected clients as if it were our own. We focus on comprehensive advice, the optimal management concept for the property and the implementation of maintenance and improvement measures to ensure that the property always meets market requirements. In keeping with the asset class, we insist on long-term cooperation.

On average, we have been managing the properties we currently manage for more than 9 years.

We relieve you as the owner and increase the income from your property - with satisfied tenants.

representation of the owner's interests and relief in all matters relating to the property
complete tenancy agreement management from the selection of the tenant to the termination of the tenancy agreement
property and financial accounting strictly in accordance with the principles of proper bookkeeping
operating cost management with a view to long-term reduction of operating costs

Technical building management is also of great importance: After all, it is all about maintaining and increasing the value of your property.

technical management of your property
Organisation of and project management for the maintenance and repair of technical building equipment and for the renovation of rental space
Coordination and monitoring of technical operation and maintenance - from painting work to the renewal of technical installations
Defect and damage management, insurance claim handling